Bharti Airtel has introduced deployment of 4G technology in a 900 Mhz band that was used for 2G services in 10 telecom circles, according to sources participating in the process, with a view to enhancing indoor coverage of high speed cable telephony.

4G services are being rearmed in six circles, including Delhi, Kolkata, Andhra Pradesh, North East, Karnataka, and Rajasthan, to cover the 900Mhz spectrum band. 

One source said that the organisation is expanding its exercise to more circles in which it has liberalised the 900 Mhz spectrum.

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A senior manager from Bharti Airtel told PTI that the company shut down 3G in the country and refurbished all 3G for 4G services.

“We’re able to deploy a high quality 900 MHz band, from 2G to 4G, and increase the network bandwidth without having to wait for auctioning in small towns and villages,” explains the managing director who did not want to be called. “This allows us to really distinguish the 4G experiences on our network. “

The managing director said, Bharti Airtel has opened up the spectrum of 900 Mhz in 10 circles and the full phase of repairing is expected in the next three to four months.

A recent OpenSignal study ranked Airtel as the highest download network, the most popular gaming experience and the best video experience.

The company manager said that rearms would allow Bharti Airtel, as compared to high-frequency bands 1800 MHz and 2 300 MHz, to further improve mobile transmissions within buildings.

“900 MHz with improved propagation, helps in particular to boost indoor coverage in 4G and adds muscle to Airtel’s 4G spectrum bank, including the 2300Mhz and 1800Mhz airwaves,” said the executive.

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In the second quarter of the current financial year, Bharti Airtel reported 14.4 million new 4G customers on its network. Airtel continues to offer 2G services, the executive said.

Another source listed the rehabilitation process being performed by network vendors of the organisation in each circle.

There was no immediate response to a question sent to Bharti Airtel in this regard.

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