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New users on Apple Music are free to subscribe via Shazam for five months and the offer is valid until 17 January 2021 in selected countries including India. It is part of a special vacation package and applies in India, Australia to Apple Music users, and several other countries in Canada and America.

How To Get This Free Subscription

It’s really clear. You only have to download and use Shazam to recognize songs. Shazam can find a way to play the song on Apple Music until you remember the song.

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You get a free five-month deal on Apple Music once you open the song on Apple Music.

Please notice, this deal is only available for users who have not previously used Apple Music. You will not see any such deal if you already use Apple Music.

On Shazam’s App Store page, Apple revealed this unique holiday bid. If you are still worried, it is time for you to take advantage of that until 17 January next year.

9to5Mac has also confirmed that users saw an Apple Music Test Time banner on Shazam’s settings.

The latest standard deal for new users from Apple Music covers a free trial of three months and you can extend the trial for another two months with this extra offering.

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