Best Fitness Band Under 2000,Fitness Band Under 2000,Best Fitness Band Under 2000 in India

Are you looking to buy the best fitness band under 2000 rs in India? Then you come to the right place.

The market for fitness trackers has been on a steady rise since people realised that in today’s world, staying healthy should not be an option but a requirement.

Many businesses have begun to sell fitness bands that are affordable to the average man who does not have the budget for a Fitbit or similar luxury fitness bands, capitalising on this.

In this post, for a budget under Rs.2,000, we have prepared a list of the seven best fitness band under 2000 available in India.

Best Fitness Band Under 2000 rs In India List

Xiaomi MI Band 3

Best Fitness Band Under 2000,Fitness Band Under 2000,Best Fitness Band Under 2000 in India

With their original Mi Band, Xiaomi was one of the first companies to introduce a fitness band in India. It did not have a screen and came at that time with LED indicators instead.

The Mi Band 3 is the newest and greatest fitness tracker launched recently in the nation by Xiaomi.

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The Mi Band 3, enhancing the architecture and characteristics of its predecessors, beats the competition with a blow. This is another good product in the best fitness band under 2000 rs list.

Design And Build Quality

The Mi Band 3 has the same definition as its younger brothers.

The curves around the trackers are much subtler and at all angles appear rather elegant.

The silicone strap is easy to wear and comfortable. Strap can be purchased from the Mi store in various colours.

Underneath the monitor there is a physical button to shift the options back and forth on the screen.

The aluminium tracking device itself feels robust and solid.

The strap consists of a very flexible thermoplastic elastomer. Overall, the construction quality appears excellent at the price.


The 0.78-inch OLED monitor is available in the Mi Band 3. The monitor is horizontal and can also be read under direct sunlight without any problems.

An OLED display also has other advantages as regards battery consumption, such as improved performance.

The vision is very good inside, but you might need to tighten your eyes a little while, however, in the direct sunlight.

When you pair the Mi-Band 3 on a Bluetooth-mobile, on the screen you can see calls and text notices, and you can reject them or click on the physical button as read immediately.


The Mi Band 3 is also packed with all of the necessary sensors.

The active cardiac frequency monitor is very precise and calculates the fitness rate in line with the other costly bands.

Popular features including phase counter, sleep tracker, calorie calculator burned are present and works fairly well.

The Apple App Store and Google Play Store MiBand app is very simple and gives you plenty of information about your workouts and other success measures.

The data measurements are highly precise and summarise your normal exercise routine correctly.

Battery Life

Here the Mi Band 3 overlooks other clever bands over a long stretch.

Xiaomi has not managed to make this device last up to 20 days on a single charge with its 110 mAh Li-ion inside the fitness tracker, but it has excellent hardware optimizations.

Only the tracker module has to be pulled off the strap and mounted on a separate loader which is a lourd method when loading this unit.


The Mi Band 3 is the right tool for you to jog.

This gadget is one of your favourites in no time thanks to the precise pedometer and long battery life.

This inexpensive fitness tracker is one of the best fitness band under 2000 in India, when you have no mind with the lack of a heart rate monitor.

Realme Band

Best Fitness Band Under 2000,Fitness Band Under 2000,Best Fitness Band Under 2000 in India

Realme is an Oppo sub brand, which recently rivalled the Xiaomi Redmi smartphone range with an impressive value for money.

This time, however, Realme wanted to carve the all-new Realme band from Xiaomi’s Mi-sales band. This is another good product in the best fitness band under 2000 rs list.

Design And Build Quality

The Realme Band looks in its price range like any other fitness tracker. There’s nothing much about the plastic body with silicone belts.

But wearing comfort is one way in which the Realme Band stands out. The thin silicone belt is very durable and can be used without discomfort for long hours.

The buckle is also robust and snugens the band to the wrist.


The Realmes Band comes with a dynamic heart rate monitor, put it lightly, it is not the strongest of the segment.

With common features including a step counter, a calorie calculator and a sedentary memoir, this budget fitness band from Realme is accessible.


The Realme band has a 0.96 inch TFT display that produces LCD display-like colours. Also inside to be honest, the luminosity levels are very tiny.

However, also for beginners, the whole UI looks intuitive and easy to understand.

This is not a touchscreen but just one with one button on the bottom of the monitor.

The gui is reactive in general and looks OK, if anything.

Battery Life

Instead of the tedious pogo pin installation found in Xiaomi bands, the Realme Band comes with a standard USB charging device.

This budget fitness tracker has a battery that lasts for up to 8 days with a single charge.


For those looking for a budget fitness band with a heart rate sensor under Rs.1500, the Realme Band is a good pick.

Huawei Band 4

Best Fitness Band Under 2000,Fitness Band Under 2000,Best Fitness Band Under 2000 in India

The Huawei Band 4 is the new best fitness band under 2000 rupees to replace the features of the Honor Band 3 companies.

Design And Build Quality

This fitness tracker looks exciting and premium to be worn and to be used in public with refined design and its fittings and finish.

The quality silicone strap feels lightweight and secure around your forearm.

The clip-on mechanism in the Honor Band 4 strap minimises the effort to wrap and tightly tie the hand.

The monitor is flat with the brace and looks like a single product effortlessly.

The number of holes on this intelligent band’s strap is perfect and makes this tracker perfect for those with big and small hands.


The Huawei Band 4 has an 80 x 160 pixels resolution 0.96-inch TFT display, one of the most popular in its class.

In contrast to those on Mi band 3 and Mi band 3i, this monitor is a colour screen.

This monitor is bright enough for outdoor use, but under the bright direct sunlight, you’ll find it less readable.

You will access the menus and choices by swiping the panel vertically and pressing a capacitive button to return to the main screen. The interactions are also smooth and reactive.


The Huawei Band 4 is equipped with a heart-frequency optical display which has a high-accuracy PPG sensor (photoplethysmogram).

This sensor is really nice to give you the best results in comparison to competitor sensors with higher accuracy. This is another good product in the best fitness band under 2000 rs list.

The sensor can be continuously controlled by the heart rate. Whenever you want to track your metabolism rate, you do not have to fire the sensor on.

The technology for Huawei TruSleep monitors your sleep cycle reliably and offers a clear understanding about your sleep habits.

The 3-axis accelerometer is one of the best accelerometers we have seen in this price range.

Battery Life

The 91 mAh Li-ion battery, which lasts for up to 7 day with a single charge, powers the Huawei Band 4.

The battery is charged within about 1.5 hours, which is a bit extended in terms of the battery power.


Look no further if you are searching for best budget fitness under 2000 with decent battery life and exact sensors.

This tracker’s style is highly fashionable and fits effortlessly with any kind of costume. This tracker is worthy of mention with a 1-year warranty.

Sonata Rush

Best Fitness Band Under 2000,Fitness Band Under 2000,Best Fitness Band Under 2000 in India

Thanks to the inexpensive watches of a business under Titan ‘s brand, Sonata is a household name for Indian consumers.

The Sonata Rush is a new step toward the health-conscious youth in the country with Titan’s fitness-based intelligent wearables.

This is only one Indian brand in our best fitness band under 2000 rs list.

Design And Build Quality

In order to preserve their durability in India, the smart band Sonata Rush is made of premium materials.

The TPU bracelet looks special and feels relaxed in its textured form.

Depending on your choice, the brace can be conveniently swapped or omitted.

The feel of the rubber on the back of the fitness tracker lies flat on your wrist and causes no rubbing of the skin.

The clip mechanism on the strap is fit for your brakes, no matter how big or small. This smartband is fitted with the strap.


The Rush intelligent band is fitted with the minimal fitness tracker sensors. This is not a dealbreaker, however, for retail at a price under Rs.1000.

The accelerometer in this smartband offers precise readings and follows up on your physical exercises.

The tracker for sleep and step works well and quickly.

Phase monitoring is achieved by recording the number of hand gestures in place of the actual moves.

With an intuitive interface, the dedicated smartphone app shows all the details needed at once easily.


A 0.8-inch OLED monitor features this smartband from Sonata. This screen has a decent 128 x 80 pixel resolution.

It gets luminous enough even under direct sunlight in outdoor conditions to ensure visibility.

You can move through the menus and options quickly by the powerful physical button below the monitor.

Battery Life

A rechargeable 80mAh Li-ion battery pack that lasts up to 7 days on a single charge is the driving force of the rush smartband.

Since a micro USB port is built into the chassis, the fitness tracker is as easy to load as attaching the computer directly to the laptop or portability.


The smartband of The Sonata Rush is a huge choice for you, if you have a small budget but would like to check out the fitness band ecosystem.

With an effective accelerometer sensor, the OLED display and a 7 days lifetime are worth a thousand dollars you spend on this product.

Lenovo HX06 Active

Best Fitness Band Under 2000,Fitness Band Under 2000,Best Fitness Band Under 2000 in India

Lenovo seeks to play a leading role in the fitness market, which tends to deviate from its mobile portfolio.

The HX series of smart fitness trackers offer one of Indian Fitness Band’s best value for money offers. This is another good product in the best fitness band under 2000 rs list.

Design And Build Quality

Before developing this clever fitness tracker Lenovo made some serious thoughts.

Although the trackers have a boxy design, Lenovo somehow has been able to give charm to the bland design of otherwise.

Strong and sturdy, this silicone band works well with the forearm. The metal locking mechanism is durable and fits well in various sizes of wrists.

A grey wrapping around the tracking device gives this device a premium feel when combined with the harness.

The construction quality is decent for the price and in general, this fitness band looks very elegant and strongly constructed.


A heart rate monitor for monitoring your metabolic activities is not available on the Lenovo HX06 Active Spectra.

This system also contains many sports monitoring features including step counters, burnt calorie, sleep monitor, and many more.

On this unit the motion monitoring performs very well and the distance measurement is spotted.

The Lenovo HX06 Active has a waking role that is very useful when driving regularly.

At fixed intervals, it will alert you to a series of close vibrations, which will keep you alert while driving at night.


A 0.9-inch OLED display with a resolution of 128 x 32 pixels is supplied with Lenovo HX06 Active.

The screen has a responsive button on the bottom that can be used for quick navigation of various modes and menus.

As this is an OLED panel, the luminosity levels are slightly below, but there is a tight and contrasting degree for an OLED panel.

The font sizes look bigger and even from a distance easily readable.

Battery Life

The lithium polymer battery is rated to last approximately 7 days in one charging.

The Lenovo HX06 Active is fitted with a USB direct charging feature like most other latest generation fitness trackers.

This helps you to charge the system from anywhere on an appropriate USB outlet without cables or adapters.


The Lenovo HX06 Active is a sleek, well-built fitness tracker with high-quality sensors for accurate tracking indoors.

You can conveniently bring this tracker with you in the shower without having to worry about damage to the devices with the IP67 certification.

Fastrack Reflex Beat

Best Fitness Band Under 2000,Fitness Band Under 2000,Best Fitness Band Under 2000 in India

Fastrack is a very successful Indian glass and watch manufacturer focusing on trendy designs of its products.

Fastrack’s Reflex beat is a superior version of the company’s original fitness tracker. this is another good product in the best fitness band under 2000 rs list.

Design And Build Quality

The Fastrack Reflex beat features a dual tonal design that makes the band appear even more sleek and trendy than those on the market.

The sleeve is made of silicone and rubber to balance comfort and toughness perfectly.

The outer layer is textured, which confers a distinct character to the band.


The Fastrack Reflective beat is fitted with a horizontally focused 0.96-inch OLED display.

This orientation allows the computer to show the clock and battery percentage more details on the screen at once.

In the pitch-black background the OLED display provides great contrasts. The white matrix is tight even in the direct light of the Sun.


The Fastrack Reflex beat has an activity monitoring algorithm which measures your workouts much more accurately.

A heart rate monitor is active at the back to track the metabolism of the body. This sensor is accurate enough to pay the price.

The phase counter and the calorimeter burned are decent and an outstanding way to reach a target.

The sleep surveillance feature allows you the sleep patterns to be analysed and required adjustments made in order to enhance sleep and to rejuvenate.

Battery Life

The all-new reflex beat by Fastrack is a one charge for you for about five days.

It takes nearly 1.30-2 hours to completely charge this battery from 0 to 100.


Reflex beat is a perfect alternative if you like Fastrack items and enjoy having a mode-based smart fitness tracker.

It can be used in some kind of casual dress and not just when you exercise.

Noise Colorfit 2

Best Fitness Band Under 2000,Fitness Band Under 2000,Best Fitness Band Under 2000 in India

Noise is an Indian company popular in Bluetooth and smartwatches because of its budget.

The Noise Colorfit 2 is a low cost fitness tracker which gives existing brands such as Xiaomi a hard time.

This is also the Indian company in our best fitness band under 2000 rs segment.

Design And Build Quality

The Noise Colorfit 2 band has a high-quality plastic rectangular tracker module. There are no flex or streams on the chassis to see or feel. The appliance is very light and simple to wear 24*7.

The brace is made of TPU and is available in many attractive colours. It is very elastic to accommodate wrists of various sizes and is abrasion resistant.


The 0.96-inch TFT LCD monitor features the Noise Colorfit 2. This monitor is positioned vertically and features a touch sensitive button below to move through the user interface.

The screen is incredibly bright, with vivid colours and pixel animations on a tiny screen.


The Noise fitness tracker from Go Noise features a good static cardiovascular sensor below the body.

With a static heart rate monitor, you can control the reading by triggering the sensor from the menu manually. Unlike premium fitness trackers with heart rate monitors, this saves a lot of energy.

This sensor can also be used to detect blood pressure and levels of oxygen but these functions do not replace professional inspections, to be frank.

The accelerometer sensor is given for measurement of phase numbers and calorie burns. Features like sedentary memory make this tracker even more useful.

Battery Life

In this fitness tracker the 110mAh Li-ion battery takes a single charge for 7 days.

These numbers can differ accordingly depending on the consumption statistics of individuals.


The noise color fit 2 tracker is a cash-free gadget with a lovely colour display and standard sensors to monitor your activities and metabolism rates.

This is the perfect alternative for young people who want the trendy and fashionable fitness band to be seen in public with its adjustable straps in various colours.


Which is best fitness band under 2000?

Mi Band 3 gives the best in this best fitness band under 2000 segment. But all the above listed products are good in the best fitness band under 2000 price range.

This takes us back to our list of seven best fitness band under 2000 rs in India. While this is not a complete list, we have included the products that we believe are worth your money.

In the following comment section, if you have any questions or suggestions. We are always able to respond to your requests and doubts.

Thank you for your visit to our site and your time with us. Get a wonderful day in front of you.

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