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Instagram has announced new updates for branded content on its platform. Instagram is launching branded content tags for reels, and soon to go live. 

Instagram is giving advertisers more flexibility on branded content, and making branded content ads tappable in stories. 

Product tags are also coming for branded content. Starting with the reels, businesses and makers will now be ready to use branded content tags within the reels. 

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Instagram plans to start out testing it live soon. The branded content tag will appear slightly below the manufacturer’s username. 

There’s a replacement workflow for advertisers, which provides them the power to make branded content ads without creators posting them on Instagram first. 

The choice lies on the creators as they will approve and stop any advertisement on their handle.

Now in stories, branded content ads are often posted with tappable elements like mentions, locations and hashtags. 

Instagram says it wants the brand to possess “creative access to organic stories that are original and authentic to the stories experience.”

Instagram recently announced a redesign for the house screen, keeping in mind the reels and shop. 

The new Instagram home screen features a dedicated button for the shop. it’s clearly getting bigger on shopping because it will now allow businesses to market branded content posts with product tags.

Instagram also announced that it’s set a minimum age for branded content feed posts. 

Businesses and makers can set a better minimum age or minimum age for specific countries, and that they also can prefer to do both.

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