WhatsApp OTP fraud,
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These days, a fake message is circulating on WhatsApp stating that the central government ordered the payment of Rs 1.30 lakh from the covid-19 fund to all Indian people over 18 years of age.

A connection to such messages was exchanged. By clicking on this url, you have to verify that after all, who receives the Rs 1.30 lakh fund and who doesn’t.

Users of WhatsApp should have no faith in any such post. Also do not click the link in this post. By doing this, you can be a victim of fraud. That this is a false post has been made clear by the PIB Fact Official Twitter Handel. The government gave no such order.

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Such messages are intended to steal user data and perform backup fraud, according to the government. Your mobile can be hacked by clicking on this message link.

Hackers will retrieve all the data automatically from your phone with this. These messages can steal passwords from social media, UPI information, etc.

Similarly, a fake message was posted on WhatsApp some time ago, stating that the central government is operating a programme to provide Indian people with solar panels for free.

For this purpose, the individual was supplied with a form. Using this form, the hacking incident was carried out. At present, fishing attacks in India are a very common weapon.

The message, or the electronic mode, sends a connection. It includes a false social media URL on which, as soon as you enter the ID password, your valuable information is stolen.

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