chrome new update,
Easily Synchronised Between Google Account (Google)

Chrome is simple for users to sync their payment details with their passwords and devices as Google announced in a recent blog post.

The blog post called ‘Seamless Payments and Chrome Password Management’ addresses new features which are to be introduced in the next couple of weeks and months.

Upon signing into the browser with your Google Account, Google Chrome users on Android can access their paid data they have stored. The credit/debit card CVC or biometric protection will validate these payments.

chrome new update
chrome new password management (Google)

Google also streamlines Google Accounts’ logging operation. If you’re registered for a Google service such as Gmail, then you can only sign up for the browser with a tap on the screen using a Google account.

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The Google Chrome desktop edition is now modified to allow you access to passwords that are saved if you sign in with your Google account. Saving a new password would allow Chrome to either save the password on the computer or to access devices.

The sync feature, saving your bookmarks, history and passwords across devices, is a similar function already available for Chrome. But this works only if each system is allowed with the sync option. The latest update will simplify and make it more intuitive to sign in to a browser with Google Account.

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