Messenger, Messenger New Feature, TinyTan feature on Messenger and Instagram,

Facebook rolling out new chat experience features of TinyTan in Messenger and Instagram.

You can activate this TanyTan Chat theme Feature In Messenger and Instagram from November 18. 

But Before active this feature, make sure you update the latest version of messenger and Instagram.

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After activating this feature, you can share new TinyTan emojis and customize your massage experience in the new TinyTan chats.

Messenger, Messenger New Feature, TinyTan feature on Messenger and Instagram,
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If you’re looking for hosting a new video or discussion, you can add this new ‘Magic Door’ TinyTan feature.

First, set up a room with your friends on Messenger and Instagram. 

Then Explore the bedroom and the cafe from TinyTAN’s ‘Magic Door’ Episode from the surrounding 360 ARs background video.

To see all the seven TinyTan Characters, Move the Smartphone camera around.

You can finally download a special TinyTAN sticker pack on Messenger to express yourself.

How to activate the TinyTAN chat theme on Messenger and Instagram

  • First, go to your chat settings on Messenger and Instagram.
  • Then tap the theme button.
  • And select TinyTan

How to access TinyTAN 360 background Videos

  • create a Room from Messenger or Instagram, 
  • tap the “effects” button  
  • Then select the TinyTAN background from the options at the bottom of your screen. 
  • You can also access the backgrounds in a video call via the camera on Messenger. 

To download TinyTan sticker packs on Messenger, tap the smiley face in the text field and search for “TinyTAN.”

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