On 12 November Facebook unveiled various features to add a fun part to this year’s Diwali virtual celebrations.

These include customized greetings with Diwali-ready avatars and the occasion to invite friends and family to take part in fun and online festive challenges.

The new feature set consists of the ‘choice of friends and family’ – users can post a picture or video of how Diwali is celebrated at home with the hashtag #DiwaliAtHomeChallenge.

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Users can make ‘DIY’ images, how light bulbs, diys and lanterns are recycled and challenge friends by using #DIYDiwaliChallenge to share their Diwali ventures.

The Company said in a statement: “Start a challenge by entering a hashtag, which ends in ‘Challenge,’ when you make a fresh Facebook post or press the ‘Try It’ button when you see another challenge post in your News Feed. “

“To your challenges add photos and videos this festive season and nominate friends and family for fun with them,” they added.,” they said.

By sharing a special edition on Avatars, Diwali’s History, Facebook users can express their wording even more easily.

“Type your own words into any language with your personalized avatar on one colorful background that fits into a theme,” the platform said.

“Create an avatar first from your mobile device and go to Android or iOS for ‘Create Post’ composer and click on ‘Background Color’ to pick a Diwali Background that will happen.”

On Facebook, users can use hashtags #Diwali2020 and #ShubhDiwali2020 to follow Diwali’s unique content.


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