Google Assistant now able to perform smart home actions such as turning the lights on and off, but so far only immediately.

It lacked the ability to operate timers and perform actions over time. Fortunately, digital assistance is much smarter and can now run its lights according to its set time or length.

You can now ask Google Assistant to “turn off the lights for 10 minutes”, or switch to it at any time such as “turn on the lights at 7 in the morning.”

Similarly, you can ask Google Assistant to switch on the light for a certain time: “Turn on the entrance for two minutes.”

Although the above features may be useful, little effort is required. First, you need to specify the exact time, or it will obey you, without asking for confirmation.

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If you’ve asked Google Assistant to do something “tomorrow”, if it’s confused and wants to turn your house into a nightclub in the middle of the night, there would seem to be no way to cancel the order – Even if you still request the lights to be off. You can do it a minute later.

Fortunately, the official Google document notes that the subsidiary should be in a position to rescind a planned remedy and therefore it should be resolved soon.

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