Google Assistant has acquired a new feature for reading incoming information over wired headphones. All wired headsets, whether USB Type-C or standard 3.5mm connections, can be controlled with this feature.

When you plug in your wired headphones and talk to your assistant via headphones, you can receive a Google Assistant notification. ‘Unless you give the necessary permission to an assistant, it will be possible to read your message.

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Users could enable Google Assistant for a while with their wired and wired headsets, but there was minimal functionality. Some Bluetooth headphones allowed users to read their notes when they were read by an assistant. Now for all wired headphones, Google implemented this feature. Earlier this month production at 9to5Google announced that all wired headphones had features.

If you attach your wired headphones to your phone via a USB Type-C port or 3.5mm headphone jack, you’ll need to get a Google Assistant notification. You can start the setup process by tapping the notification and allow your assistant to read your notification.

Setup should be completed after the assistant issues some more permissions. Even in the Google Assistant settings, you can go to the system list and tap on wired headphones to get Google support or disable it.

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9to5Google states that if an action button is placed on the headphones, the Google Assistant is switched on and the assistant is given two seconds to allow the note to timeline and then “summarize the number of alerts Do, and then start updating your latest notifications.

Google Assistant now enables you to see Google colors in four signatures. It shows a compact panel that Hi, how can I help you? ‘Or a search is proposed. In the lower right corner, there remains the keyboard option.

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