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New Google iOS widgets have been released by Google. Recently it released Google Photos, YouTube Music and Search Widget. 

Google now has three new widgets, two of which will appear soon, according to the report.

Now, IPhone users can use widgets on the new iOS 14 update for Gmail, Google Drive and Google Fit. 

You can check for mail, initiate a new email, and transfer unread messages with a new Gmail widget. 

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Google shows the files that you most need and searches for files in the drive widget, too. On iOS 14, the Google Fit widget displays heart points and steps on your home screen. 

The progress of the center points and measures will also appear in circles and a week of study.

You need to click anywhere on your home screen to enter jigsaw mode to add new widgets to iOS 14 on your home screen. 

Tap on the “+” button in the left top corner and the widget tab will be dragged. Here you can scroll down to find or check for the widget you like. 

Tap the widget and select “Add widget.” Then you can switch the widget around and position it on your home screen anywhere you want.

Google’s uploading Chrome and Calendar widgets shortly. You can tap the calendar widget for easy access to your full calendar and see the upcoming appointments. 

The Chrome widget has a search bar and incognito mode shorts, voice search and QR code scanner. 

Similar to Google’s iOS 14 app widget. Google said the widget calendar will arrive within the next few weeks, and the Chrome widget will begin with the new year.

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