Google Map new features,

Since the pandemic began, Google has introduced almost 250 new features and enhancements to maps. 

The strategy to fly in the holiday season has introduced additional features related to Covid.

Google has modified Covid layer on Maps for its Android and iOS apps with more detail. 

It now shows all-time cases observed in a given region and quick links from local authorities with Covid resources. 

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It aims to help people in that specific region who leave the city get the latest information about Covid.

Google Maps will also show local transport crowding information live. 

Now you can see in real time details about how bus, train or underground lines are packed on Google Maps, on the basis of user shared data. 

This functionality is worldwide available for Android and iOS on Google Maps.

Users of Google Maps are now showing live pick-up and delivery orders in the US, Canada, Germany, Australia, Brazil and India. 

The wait times and delivery fees are expected as well. This works for Google Maps Android and iOS users who book or order. 

Google is also planning to add booking status until people can begin to eat in restaurants in safety. This is available as it is rolled out in 70 countries.

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Google Assistant mode on Google Maps comes also for Android users in the United States as an early preview. 

This feature is now available in English and lets you send and receive calls, emails, review messages and even read out your texts with your voice. 

You will also be told that you accept or reject incoming calls with your speech.

More features are replay and podcasts on applications such as YouTube Music, Spotify, Google Podcasts, etc. 

It’s an apt (pun intended) hands-free driving experience on Google Maps. As Google plans to extend this experience to more countries, it didn’t say.

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