Google Pay,

A new version of Google Pay has been released by Google, which first rolls out in the USA. The latest Google Pay features a new logo, design and features almost the same as in India’s Google Pay app. 

Google has also revealed Plex, which is Google’s first-ever mobile bank account.

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The new logo has already been received by Google Pay users in India, which is very different from the previous one. 

Google Pay,
The New Google Pay App Design (Google)

There are two wallets in the main blue, green, yellow and red colors of Google. The logo echoes other Google apps which have also got new colored logos. 

Most frequent transactions with friends and companies are illustrated in the new Google Pay app. 

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It is also suitable for groups of visitors who share rentals and utility charges.

The new Google Pay allows users to order food from more than 100,000 restaurants. This feature does not exist in India, but you can pay for other food ordering applications through the app. 

In its payment app, Google has also incorporated gas payments and parking. The latest edition of the app also provides users with access to brand deals such as Burger King, Etsy, Target and more.

Google Pay,
The New Google Pay App (Google)

Google Pay also has a search button that allows users to search for transactions using keywords such as food, Mexican restaurants or last month. 

The app offers a customized transaction history experience for the customer. 

This is a choice, however and users can try to decide whether or not to hold it for three months.

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Google Pay is also preparing to provide its new Plex service to digital bank accounts. 

Google Pay users are free of recurring fees, overdraft fees, and minimum balance requirements to build their bank accounts. Next year’s Google Pay Plex will start.

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