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The Tech Giant Apple has invited developers of iOS apps to keep their apps and software updates obtained with enhanced transparency in terms of user data. 

Starting on December 8th, the organisation is obliged to provide information about the processes of data monitoring for applications. 

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The information is also described on the App Store, so that you can understand what data you share before you download an application. 

Starting later this year, the details will appear on the app listings. 

It is still uncertain the exact date.

These updates are listed on Apple’s website. 

It said that users will be allowed to know about the type of data an app can collect on each product page of the app, and whether the data is connected or used to monitor it until the changes go live. 

The company said developers need to include details on the privacy practises of their application, including practises of third-party partners. 

In Apple Store Link, developers are supplying all of the details.

Some data types are also optional to be disclosed under the guidelines by Apple. 

The company has outlined on its Developer website the kind of privacy questions which developers must address to upload the App Store from December 8 to the App Store. 

Furthermore, Apple has properly notified developers that their answers would be up-to-date and correct.

On Apple’s Developer page, you can find comprehensive guidance on the compulsory disclosure of tracking data.


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