iPhone 12 mini,

From the first day of their use, iPhone 12 mini early adopters report a Touchscreen problem. 

It seems that the problem happens only on the lock screen, which prohibits users from accessing or even swiping up to unlock the camera or torchlight. 

Inability to respond to lock screen hitches only occurs when a case and screen protector are mounted on iPhone 12 mini users, and there is speculation of a conductivity or grounding problem. 

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Apple has not yet accepted this problem and it is not clear what this triggers or whether a software update can be resolved.

Forums in Apple, forums in Macrumors and Reddit are full of user complaints on this iPhone 12 mini touchscreen issue. 

Only when the IPhone 12 mini is inside a case, and it has a screen guard seems the issue persists on the lock screen. 

Affected users cannot run a camera or flashlight on the lock screen and cannot even swipe to open it. 

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It helps to overcome something conductive like the frame of the phone or the picture lens frame.

The touchscreen problems will disappear once they are unlocked and iPhone 12 mini again runs smoothly. 

Apple has not yet understood the issue and no screen protector or case can be applied to workarounds. 

Users complain that only if both are installed is the issue. In addition, users say that when connected to a wall charger, the iPhone 12 mini lock screen touch problem is resolved. 

I hope Apple will explain the essence of the issue and have a solution soon.

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