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LG is functioning on several new and unique form factors for devices. the corporate has recently launched an LG Wing smartphone with swiveling design. And now, LG is claimed to be performing on a replacement laptop form factor that features a rollable display.

The company has also applied for a patent for a singular rollable laptop. consistent with the application , LG’s concept device features a 17-inch screen that rolls. It are often rolled to make a 13.3 inch screen. The patent suggests that the keyboard and touchpad can also fold to completely replace a tablet-like device.

There is no word on when LG will launch a commercially rollable laptop. Root My Galaxy said, the application doesn’t necessarily become a moment commercial device. But these patents give a thought of what might be on the roadmap for a corporation.

Of late, rollable displays have gained widespread attention. Chinese handset company Oppo recently unveiled its first rollable smartphone. Under the name Oppo X2021, the concept smartphone has two motors that reach the screen evenly. The phone uses a roll motor power train to expand from a 6.7-inch canvas to a 7.4-inch tablet.

Interestingly, LG is additionally showing rumors of performing on a phone. consistent with the recent report, LG’s role phone will arrive in March 2021. The phone’s code name B project are going to be a part of the company’s ambitious Explorer project.

The rumored LG foldable phone is claimed to “allow one among the edges of the front screen to be pulled to screen-roll bent become a bigger screen.”

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