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In India, the ban on PUBG Mobile in the lives of mobile gamers has left a huge gap. 

Although some Android users enforced working arrangements to play the popular royal battle game even after the ban, the game servers shut off entirely for India last month, which prohibits PUBG lovers from playing the game in India. 

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Not even a week after servers have been closed, a source now says that by the end of this year, the game will return to India.

In recent weeks, PUBG Corp has been engaged with global providers of cloud services to store Indian user information in the country in order to allay the concerns of the Indian government regarding data privacy and security, a source that TechCrunch quoted as saying. 

TechCrunch quoted a report citing sources familiar with this subject. The report also says that some high profile streamers in India have been privately informed by PUBG Corp that it expects to resume the service in India before the end of the year. 

TechCrunch ‘s request for a declaration was not responded to by PUBG Corp.

The study also states that the announcement can be made early this week by PUBG Corp. 

It also said that during Diwali week in India the company is planning a marketing campaign. 

Recently, PUBG Mobile Corp has collaborated with a variety of local companies including Paytm and Airtel to figure out whether they want to publish the game in India, a TechCrunch managing director of the industry said.

Prior to the ban, PUBG Mobile had more than 50 million active monthly users in India, rendering the world its largest market.



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