Reliance Jio,

Reliance Jio has launched three new all-in-one annual smartphone user prepaid plans. 

New recharge packs are suitable for those that require long-term plans. 

These plans start at Rs 1,001, go up to Rs 1,501, valid for 336 days, and offer up to 504 GB of total data. 

Plans are available for users to try out on the Reliance Jio website.

The annual Rs 1,001 will provide users with 49 GB for 336 days of total data which translates on average to 150 MB per day. 

In addition, Rs 1,001 includes unlimited voice calls from Jio to Jio, and 12,000 minutes from Jio to non-Jio calls. 

In addition, buyers receive 100 SMS in daily basis in the Rs 1.001 plan. 

On the other hand, the Rs 1,301 plan includes 164 GB of data total (500 MB a day), and the unrestricted voice calls from Jio to Jio. 

In the third and most costly Rs 1,501, the total sum is 504 GB, the maximum limit is 1.5 GB per day and unlimited Jio to Jio calls.

Rs 1,301 as well as Rs 1,501 deliver 12,000 jio and 100 SMS messages per day to non-jio calls. 

As other plans from Reliance Jio, the Internet speed falls after all three plans have crossed the FUP limit.

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In addition, Jio provides for four full plans that are valid for a month, starting with the Rs 75 and ending with Rs 185. 

These schemes include up to 56 GB of data with a 2 GB regular limit. 

These plans provide 500 minutes of Jio for voice calls from non-Jio instead of 12,000 minutes of voice calls from non-Jio.

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