“With its hate speech policy extended to include language that depicts people based on ethnicity, nationality and ethnic origin,” Twitter said in a statement on Wednesday.

Last year the company prohibited speech which defrauded others on the basis of faith or race and updated the March rule for the safer category of age, disability and illness.

After years of foreign interventions called reforms “required compromises” Color of Change Group for Civil Rights is part of an alliance of security organizations that force internet firms to slash hate speeches online.

A Twitter spokesman said that it intended to add new categories in the policy from the start so that the revised rules could be consistently enforced.

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Color of Reform, Vice President Arisha Hatch criticized Twitter, amid repeated warnings to advocates of groups over aggressive and inhuman speech, for not updating the politics in the run-up to the presidential election in November.

Hatch also said that Twitter did not want to train its content moderators and make its artificial intelligence successful in detecting content that violates policy.

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“Any organization with a patchy strategy implementing record and enforcing rules with far-right terrorist users is still outside the jury,” she said.

The announcement will fall under the growing category of very few very late PR stunt offering, zero to hard proof which will be pursued by the company.

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