Netflix will offer people free streaming in India for an entire weekend. On December 5 and 6, Netflix will host StreamFest, where anyone can login to Netflix, watch movies, television shows, documentaries etc.

At exactly 12.01 am Netflix StreamFest will begin and end at 11:59 on December 6. Netflix can permit a stream in the default StreamFest definition. In comparison to how Netflix streaming operates, only one account will stream. This connect or the Android App can be used to build one.

The development of a Netflix account is restricted to the Android app and browser. StreamFest also promotes wider screens casting. You can also set an email or a phone number for StreamFest using the same connection.

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StreamFest provides you access to all Netflix features such as profiles, parental controls, formation of collections, films and shows, as well as free streaming. Since it’s just two days for free streaming, you can probably watch movies and shows binge.

Netflix is most likely to see a huge spike in free video traffic for all in India. Netflix said it would limit the number of StreamFest viewers but the limits have not been specified yet. 

The message “StreamFest is capable” will also be shown if the maximum viewers are reached. When you can begin streaming again you will be informed.

During the company’s recent profit call, reg Peters, Chief Product Officer Netflix COO, revealed a free streaming service. This is first checked by the company in India. It will take things forward based on the response.

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