A travel between New York and Washington takes only 30 minutes in a hyperloop that uses magnetic levitation to permit almost silent journeys. 

This would be twice the speed of a commercial jet flight, four times the speed of a high speed train. 

Virgin Hyperloop from Richard Branson has completed the first passenger journey worldwide on a super high speed levitating pod device, the company said on Sunday, a crucial safety test for technologies it believes would change the travel of human beings and cargo.

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Josh Giegel, Chairman of the Technology Office of Virgin Hyperloop, and Sara Luchian, Director of Passenger Experience, at their company’s test plant, Las Vegas, Nevada at speeds of up to 107 kilometres / hour (172 kilometers / hour).

“I have had the real privilege to see history in front of me,” says DP World’s Chief Executive Officer Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem.

Hyperloop in Los Angeles aims to see a world in which floating capsules filled with passengers and freight hurt through vacuum tubes at an hour of 600 miles (966 kph) or higher.

Previously, the company carried out more than 400 tests without human passengers at the site of Nevada.

This test comes a month after Reuters first reports that Virgin Hyperloop has selected West Virginia to host a certification and research centre in the United States of America, valuable at $500 million.

The company is working towards the certification of safety by 2025 and commercial operations by 2030, it said.

Canada’s Transpod and Spain’s Zeleros are both planning to increase the conventional passenger and cargo networks with similar technologies which they believe would minimise traffic times, congestion and environmental damage linked to oil-fueled machinery.


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