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Vivo held a press conference on the afternoon of November 18, to publicly launch its new “OriginOS” operating system. Vivo says that after more than a year’s design, this completely new operating system called OriginOS was started and has a totally different experience in terms of user experiences with the previous operating system called Funtouch. Here are the highlights of Vivo OriginOS.

Origios Features

New Grid Features

OriginOS uses a new system of desktop grids that matches the silver dividing ratio to give all the elements on your desktop, allegedly inspired by the Huarong Road game, versatility and independence. The first stage, which already breaks existing smartphone operating practises.

New Notification Features

The Nuclear Signals equivalent to the direct display of updates on the desktop app that are “thin,” as the name suggests, enabling the first level of the availability of the app to be informed without opening the app that encompasses traditional life-scenarios and warnings elegantly. Very discreet and irrepressible.

OriginOs, Vivo New os,

In addition, it is one of the biggest features of the latest OriginOS for Vivo to drag and drop library icons to the application interface and easily create small windows for Multi-Task Scenarios.

New Icon And Weather App

Optimized weather application information, displays temperature information that users care about in the form of a temperature line, and shows day temperature in 90 colour card values so that you can see changes in cold and warmth at a glance.

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Through using the base of the desktop, you can complete 26 kinds of gesture combinations covering virtually all the mainstream activity methods, and blend them together in some combination that not only meets users’ original use habits but also generates great creativity for your gesture combinations.

When the phone is offscreen or anywhere on the desktop, a SuperCard can be used and a single tap can bring up the card pack. At the same time, the card packs can be tailored to display payment forms that are convenient for higher frequencies, such as credit card swiping.

New Sky Windows

The Sky window, which takes the real-life natural phenomena to the desktop and involves all types of weather phenomena, is the main visual interaction of OriginOS launch… the shape, the scale, and density of a cloud cover is mapped by the simulation and sampling of thousands of scenes from different locations. Even the velocity of the clouds will vary in the window interface, closer to the real world.

Another window would take the original form of painting, as we see it into a new scene, and find a creative way to overlay light and shadow with the wallpaper. We may experience the shift in time by superimposing light and shadow.

New OriginOS Behavioral wallpaper

The behavioural wallpaper is one of the chosen highlights of this OriginOS launch. A flower bloomed in the glass was the previous press invitation for the OriginOS launch. Many people were puzzled, but now we can assume that the flower refers to the behavioural functionality of the new system.

OriginOs, Vivo New os,

The behavioural wallpaper uses a very specific rendering and algorithm technology for special effects, can have a wonderful visual perception, and is far from comparable to the ordinary dynamic wallpaper, saying that every petal has a separate algorithm support.” The whole flower blooming process on your phone screen can be clearly and visually observed.

OriginOS Parallel World

That is why Vivo also has implemented OriginOS Parallel Worlds feature, the previously rumoured dual system, allowing users to freely choose whether they are using or returning to the original, which is the same as on the main system, using the OriginOS atomic component applications. There is a single programme symbol for you on the computer.

OriginOS Multi-Turbo 5.0

In addition to the previous FuntouchOS framework, Vivo has officially launched the latest OriginOS, which has significantly improved aesthetic and functionality. Device fluency is one of the main elements for OriginOS and this time Vivo brought MultiTurbo 5.0, which is based on memory optimization.

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In Multi-Turbo 5.0, Vivo is implementing three new technologies, namely fusion of memory, process optimisation and preloading application.

Second, memory fusion, Vivo fuses RAM and ROM innovatively through the optimization of an algorithm, calls for part of the unused ROM to act as RAM, significantly improves context experience in various application scenarios, and opens up the application without being stuck.

Specifically the experience is equivalent to 11 GB of RAM on an 8 GB RAM + 128 GB storage phone, while on a 12 + 256 GB RAM phone the storage experience is equivalent to 15 GB of RAM and the usability of an equivalent storage is greatly improved.

The second technology includes process optimization which allows system resident processes to be managed and optimised in depth, reducing memory usage during system activity of 100-200M, reducing conflicts in the system competition and increasing competitive capacities by 20 percent, thereby making room for mobile applications to run and use more efficiently.

The third argument involves preloading of applications. Users can intelligently preload applications, ready to launch, dramatically reduce startup time for applications, increase application opening speed and reduce cold start by 40 percent by implementing pre-loading technology.

Vivo had not revealed the precise adaptation plan for OriginOS following the press conference, but the official OriginOS microblog provided details that the OriginOS session would include more functionality, more technical explanations, and the most up-to-date adaptation plan will be announced tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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