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WhatsApp adds a new Shopping button to the business app , making the exploration of a company catalogue simpler for customers. This button will allow you to see what products or services the specific company provides. 

WhatsApp says the new button would simplify the discovery of its goods by companies and will in turn help to improve sales.

WhatsApp notes on a WhatsApp company account every day that more than 175 million users are getting a message and that over 40 million people see a business catalogue every month that includes more than 3 million people in India. 

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The company has more than 400 million users in India and has now introduced the Unified Payment Interface (UPI)-enabled Payments.

Users can now see a shopping button next to the business account profile with the latest WhatsApp update. 

The button appears as an icon for the store head. This marks a transition from the previous one, where a customer had to tap the company profile to display the catalogue. 

Tap the shopping button to open the catalogue and users can search the items.

WhatsApp notes that this new shopping button is now available globally and replaces the company account voice call button. 

A user can simply tap the calling button to pick either a voice call or a video call for the business account to locate the voice call button.

The next major move is for WhatsApp shopping integration on the website. As the video reveals, WhatsApp hopes that the shopping destination where a user is able to search the product will soon be a one-stop shopping destination. 

Without ever needing to leave the site the user will get all the ordering info on WhatsApp. This feature is still a while away, however.

WhatsApp has introduced its Payments Service in India, but it is only limited to 20 million users.

The UPI-based payment service offers direct banking transfers to WhatsApp.

How to use the WhatsApp shopping button next to an account

Go to WhatsApp for any company account. This could be a business account you speak to a local bakery or a local seller daily.

Users see a shop icon right next to the name of their account if the seller downloads a catalogue to their business account.

Tap on the symbol and open the catalogue showing items available for the brand. You will display photos of each product in the catalogue. 

Tap the Message Business button underneath each image if you like a product and you can inquire about this product.

Only if a live catalogue is added to their WhatApp business account would the store front symbolically appear.



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