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Whatsapp recently launched a beta update for android users. The beta update version brings lots of improvement like new terms and conditions and new multi-device connection. Lets closely look at the beta update.

Whatsapp beta update

Recent news from wabetainfo suggests that Whatsapp recently published a new beta update on play store for the android users. In this beta update, Whatsapp updated their terms and conditions and new multi-device connection feature.

Whatsapp beta update,
Whatsapp beta update Credit: Wabetainfo

The new beta update is the first update from WhatsApp in 2021 and the new terms and conditions shown by some users and also Whatsapp asks to accept the new terms and conditions. Accepting the new terms and conditions don’t change your WhatsApp experience. Your chats and messages, calls and status updates are still end-to-end encrypted.

Let’s talk about the New Multi-device connection feature.

A few months ago, Whatsapp started a new feature called multi-device to simultaneously use your Whatsapp account in multi devices at the same time.

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Now Whatsapp continuously updates the features for a smooth experience to their users. The preview of the new beta update is not available to us, but when Whatsapp available these features for all users we write a post regarding the update.

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