WhatsApp OTP fraud,
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WhatsApp is one of the world’s leading messaging services, and since it is used by a lot of people, because of it, hackers and scammers are targeting whatsapp otp fraud.

According to Hindustan times, most users make it easy for hackers to break it because they don’t care about it.

OTP is the best way to crack our WhatsApp accounts from scammers and hackers. whatsapp OTP fraud is done by hackers.

Whatsapp OTP fraud, what is it?

Wherever you will have a new WhatsApp or new mobile set up, WhatsApp will give you an OTP on your number after registering your number. To set up WhatsApp, you have to type it.

There are two things you should remember – WhatsApp and WhatsApp need to enter your telephone number, until the OTP is sent.

This feature of OTP is used by hackers and scammers. They claim to be friends or family and contact you via SMS or Facebook Messenger on another messaging platform that tells you they have signed on to WhatsApp and need support.

The hackers then complain that they cannot get the OTP on that number because they are out of their accounts. You will then receive an OTP, which you will have to share with them.

After this the hacker will ask you to share your name and you will get an OTP on the number.

As soon as possible, your WhatsApp will be logged out and you will see an app message saying that you are logging out from this device and you use your name on another WhatsApp device. This is typical.

In short, the hacker put your number on WhatsApp on another computer, which is why they got the OTP.

When you fell for it, you closed your WhatsApp account, shared an OTP with a girl who pretends that she is an acquaintance.

Hackers can now cheat your WhatsApp account and lock you for good.

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If this happens, what to do?

You will have to reset your WhatsApp immediately and log in again when scammers are targeted. You will have to enter your registered number and get an OTP later.

Login to WhatsApp with this OTP on your computer. This locks the hacker with your number from another computer.

How can the whatsapp OTP Fraud be avoided?

This is really obvious.

Remember that WhatsApp never sends an option unless you are directed. So if you receive an OTP – disregard it and do not share it with anyone. Neither do family and friends, especially if they ask for it via text.

Call them to check if you really need support for this if you receive such an article from a friend or family member.

To be safe, Aldo two-factor authentication must be allowed on WhatsApp.

In WhatsApp, you have a lot of private conversations and media and it is risky if hackers have access in any way. pay attention.

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